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Criteria For Heritage & Crafts Grants

The Radcliffe Trust supports the development of the skills, knowledge and experience that underpin the UK’s traditional cultural heritage and crafts sectors. This includes support for craft and conservation training, for practical projects, particularly those that include a strong training element, and for strategic and capacity-building projects which demonstrate clear benefits to the sector.  However, the Trust remains committed to flexible, open and inclusive grant-giving and will consider other projects, should they fall broadly within its remit. The Radcliffe Trust wishes to promote standards of excellence through all its support.

1. Applicants must normally be a registered charity.

2. Applicants must be based in the UK.

3. Bursaries and other support fees will normally be paid to the training organisation.


i no retrospective grants
ii no deficit funding
iii no general appeals or endowment funds
iv no operating costs
v no capital projects
vi no conference fees or associated costs
vii no projects that are solely or primarily about nature conservation

Grants for the conservation of historic furnishings and artworks in Church of England Churches in England are not made directly but are made through the Church Buildings Council (formerly Council for the Care of Churches). Any other applications should be made directly to the Radcliffe Trust. If applicants are in doubt about the eligibility of their request, they should contact the administrator for advice.


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